Helpful Tips to Write a Business Dissertation

Required dissertation in business schools demands time, commitment and a lot of effort. It is expected that you are now able to effectively use mathematical terms, principles and theories. The dissertation should successfully demonstrate your effective use and understanding of the appropriate business terms. The business dissertation must be well-organized, detailed, interesting and at the same time relevant to the business world.

Start with evaluating your strengths and capabilities. Define what you can do and cannot do – this would allow you to determine what topics and ideas are suitable for you. The chosen topic should be feasible and manageable within the allotted timeframe. There are hundreds of different topics to choose from and selecting right one is the essential foundation. We also suggest avoiding topics that are too narrow as references and sources may be hard to find. A well-made plan and outline is also necessary before the business dissertation writing commences. Here I present you with some of some essential steps on how a business dissertation can be effectively written.

Starting with the Topic

The aim of a business dissertation is to research on a specific topic in business. Common business topics are;

  • Case studies
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Business Operations
  • Business Strategies
  • Management
  • Advertising
  • E-commerce

Selecting a topic is the most essential part of the pre-writing process. This is important as there are certain logistic factors that need to be considered like the time frame and the allotted budget. There should be enough theory to prove or disprove the research question.

Submitting a Proposal

Once the dissertation topic has been chosen and selected, the next step is to formulate the business dissertation proposal. The proposal should persuade the examiners that the chosen topic is original yet workable on a given time. It should only be limited to 7 pages – the title page and the appendix not included. The operational procedures and tentative materials for the research should also be included.

The Research Process

Before conducting case studies or collecting data, make sure that a research plan has been mapped out. Having a plan determines the project’s priorities and targets. Setting up weekly goals will allow you to make sure that you are still at par with your goals. It is essential to know when to stop collecting data and start writing the dissertation. Conducting pilot studies would test the effectiveness of the research methodologies.

Structuring the Business Dissertation

Below is a basic outline of a business which can be used to make the draft;

Title Page

It is expected that at this stage the title has been finalized.


This page is written last and should summarize the dissertation including the findings and results.


The dissertation statement should be clearly specified on this stage.


Every single material, tool, questionnaire, data analysis methods and steps undertaken to collect data should be included in this page. Analysis and discussion of the results is also included in this chapter.

Discussion and Conclusion

Future implications of the research and the conclusion derived from the results should be thoroughly discussed in this chapter.


Make sure to include all the resources, materials, literature and past researches on the topic.

Finalizing the Paper

Before submitting the paper, make sure that it is completely error-free. Typographical errors, grammar mistakes and incorrect citations can cause you to receive low standards. You can ask a professional academic firm to proofread your work.